Saturday, May 11, 2013



Mix your favorite products together to make the perfect day moisturizer: One with rich hydration, tough wrinkle fighting power, high sunscreen protection & primer all in one!
Make an extra batch without SPF & primer for a perfect night cream. 
(You'll need 2 empty jars or small containers to keep your mixtures in)
*Products shown below are safe to use on the entire face and the under eye area so you don't have to use an extra eye cream.

1. Pick your favorite moisturizer that has a rich, velvety texture that wears well under makeup. My choice:
Avalon Organics Vitamin C renewal cream

2. Pick your favorite high protection sunscreen. My choice: Neutrogena sensitive skin SPF60

3. Pick your favorite anti-wrinkle fighting cream. 
My choice: StriVectin-SD Intensive Concentrate for stretch marks & wrinkles
  *This product is amazing for intensive hydration to fight fine lines. It's a bit spendy, so a much cheaper alternative is the essential oil: Carrot Seed oil (add roughly one drop of essential oil to every table spoon of moisturizer) which is great for wrinkles & firming the skin. Use one or both for extra wrinkle fighting power! :)  

4. Argon Oil: This oil has many skin nourishing benefits and adding it to any moisturizer will dramatically boost hydration,  fight wrinkles & decreases inflammation!

5. Pick your favorite creamy primer. (Optional addition) My choice: Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer. This primer has a pink tint to it but once blended in, is undetectable. This primer is my favorite because it keeps my skin from breaking out by creating a great barrier between my skin and makeup products and I've tried many many primers. ;) NOTE: Creamy primers, such as this Rimmel product, mix much better with moisturizers than silky primers such as 'Too faced primed & poreless'. Silky primers can be applied after your moisturizer and before makeup application if desired.

Optional additions: Make your own tinted moisturizer by adding a small amount of your favorite concealer or foundation. Don't be afraid to experiment! If you are unsure of any product, make a very small batch to try out until you find your perfect combination of products and measurements that works best for you. 
Have fun! :)

*And don't forget to top off your face and under eye area with Alba Un-petroleum jelly to seal in your moisturizer AT NIGHT! ;)

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